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"Between the powerful and the weak all freedom is oppressed. Only the rule of law sets you free" -- Rousseau.

Welcome to Poor Man’s Legal Aid

The Poor Man’s Legal Aid is a benevolent Non profit Organization Registered Under West Bengal Society Registration Act, 1961 (India) [ Reg. No.S - 74389, Dated 01-09-1993 ] and it was established in the year 1993 with the primary purpose of helping the poor people who need legal help and advice.

The executive committee of The Poor Man’s Legal Aid is composed of retired judges, practicing advocates, jurists, senior student of law colleges and people related to various walks of life and provides guidance to the poor on any legal matters.

The organization sets up the following mission: focus on depressed and poor segments of our society, help them to go through the process of legal advices.

In India many people are suffering from hardship which often go unattended. They feel frustrated because they do not know where to go for justice, and even if they know they are unable to pay, justice remains a far off dream for them. JUSTICE FOR is what we demand and persue. That is why POOR MAN'S LEGAL AID from Susanta Basu Law Centrehas been set up for the benifit of these people.

Mr.Susanta Kumar Basu

LLB (Hons) University of East London

Mr. Susanta Kumar Basu is living in England more than 50 years. He is an overseas citizen of india. He was educated and worked in England in various fields including British Parliamentary Counsel office working with Barristers, Solicitors Read more


The online session will start on 05.12.2022. There will be two classes every week i.e. on Mondays and Sundays. The classes will be from 8.30 pm - 9.30 pm. All classes shall be on meet.google.com. The course shall be for 3 months.

Fees Structure:

We have kept the fees as low as possible. Candidates have to pay Rs.3,500/- (three thousand five hundred) only, by 30.11.2022. Students shall be enrolled on a first-come basis. There are only 20 seats available for each session.

All payments have to be done online to our organization a/c. by NEFT mode.

Account Name : Poor Man's Legal Aid from Susanta Basu Law Centre. (Link will be given on request).

[It is to be noted that after each payment kindly send (copy- paste ) us the bank receipt for our official use].

After payment for being enrolled is made the candidate shall be given the syllabus of the entire course.


After the completion of the session every successful student shall be awarded a LETTER OF COMPLETION along with PROGRESS REPORT.

Our Contact number : 9674643315

Cyber Law Syllabus (3 Months Duration).

1. Fundamentals of Cyber Law.

  1. * Legislative framework.
  2. * Judicial framework.
  3. * Quasi framework.
  4. * Investigative framework
  5. * Protection of privacy and data
  6. * International. PMLA

2. Cyber Crime Laws in India.

  1. * Cyber fraud.
  2. * Computer source code.
  3. * Cyber pornography
  4. * Cyber terrorism
  5. * Data privacy and confidentiality.
  6. * Digital signature.
  7. * Freedom of speech
  8. * Information and traffic data.
  9. * Intermediaries. PMLA
  10. * Malware.
  11. * Unauthorised PMLA access.
  12. * Violation of privacy.
  13. * Child sexual abuse

(Regis. No. SO074389 of 1992-93)

Good news for the people who want to fight for justice

(1) People who are unemployed, disadvantaged and earning less than Rs.5000.00 per month. We can give you free advice .In addition if you want to take your case to the court,you need to pay court fees and a very small amount of money to pay our lawyers. We are not a profit making organisation.We want to help you as much as we can considering the maintenance of our organisation.

(2) The people who are earning more than Rs.5000.00 per month, we can fight for you upto the highest court of the land if necessary, You can pay your fees by installment or pay as you go.We will charge fees as little as possible considering the maintenance of our organisation.

For further information please ring Advocate Dr.Ranjan Dhar on 79807 55538 or Mr.Shyamal Das on 9674643315.


Hello - Viewer, as you can understand after going through this web page that we are an old organization doing several projects and working for the welfare of the people.

Our new project is to use our page for you, you will be given space in this page to promote your product/service free of cost for 3 months, if you want to carry on with your advertisement, you will have to pay a fees of ?500 (five hundred) only to continue for another 3 months, you can at the same time pay for 6 months or for 1 year extention as well.

(Use of any offensive words or if our organization feel that the contain you have send is of bad test or has foul intention; the article/item shall not be displayed in our page. Any other decission shall lie on our Executive Committee).

So why wait - hurry up and grab this oppertunity, send your contain (with illustrative picture if any) to us, we will display it on our page following needed procedure.

More then 60,000 people have already visited our site, so take this oppertunity to let your product/service reach thousands of viewers. Thank you.

Donation is welcomed.

Contact number : 9051347075. Whatsapp no. 9674643315, E-mail: shyamalkumardas@gmail.com

Ms. Atrayee Chatterjee (Advocate) is the teacher/lecturer of this session. She holds a LL.M Degree and is also an ex-faculty of RICE.


'for S. Basu Tutorial', is going to start CLAT coaching classes (online) soon. It will tution on two subjects i.e. (a) the Mathematics part and (b) Legal Aptitude. There will be three classes per week which shall consist of (i) Mathematics will have one class a week, and (ii) for Legal Aptitude there will be two classes per week, the session period for such shall be four months.


The total fees to be payed for the course will be ?6,000/- (Six thousand) only, which may be payed in full or in part, the willing student may take the opportunity of enrolling their name by paying an amount of ?500/- (five hundred) only, but must pay the remaining fees of ?5,500/- (five thousand and five hundred) only, within the third month of the session.

A counseling session will be held on 13.02.2021 (online) at meet.google.com., at 8 pm., link will be sent here in time. Candidates to be accompanied by their parents /guardians with whom we might have to talk.

Please feel free to ask any question. Our cont.no. 9051347075. Whatsapp no. 9674643315.


Our third session is to start from 04.02.2021. The subjects to be taught are 'CrPC -IPC and Transfer of Property Act.' The period of the session will be for 3 months.

Fees for the third session is Rs.1,500/- (one thousand and five hundred) only, candidates may enroll their name by paying an amount of Rs.200/- (two hundred) only and pay the rest amount of Rs.1,300 (one thousand three hundred) only, either in full or in part, but the amount must be paid before the session ends, any student who fails to pay the fees in full for the session, shall not be allowed to enroll in any other sessions.

Sufficient class notes shall be given during the session.

Please feel free to ask any question. Our cont.no. 9051347075. Whatsapp no. 9674643315.


The most beneficial course for young lawyers those who want to successfully crack the West Bengal Judicial Exam. This course has been organized by 'Susanta Basu Law Centre'.

We are now introducing the first segment which includes (i) Law of Evidence and (ii) Civil Procedure Code (CPC). The other matters shall follow soon in different components each having their own carriculum.

The Evidence Law and the Civil Procedure Code are vast and interesting subjects and will take one year (two days a week) to complete it in full. You have studied both the subjects in college but our highly experienced and qualified professionals shall actually let you know the insight of these two legal matters. The aim of the course is to prepare students and sufficiently equipe them with full knowledge about these two subjects so that they feel confident to sit for competitive exsms.

The course shall be in three parts (a) Theory (b) motivation and (c) to nourish your confidence at least one assessment test shall be held every month.

To build up your career in Judicial services Join us. Classes starts from 10.10.2020.

For further details send us your whatsapp no. @ 9674643315, with your name, address, working info.,qualification and e-mail address.

Donate Now

We would like to appeal to all our members, sympathizers and communions on behalf of "Poor Man`s Legal Aid from Susanta Basu Law Centre" (Registered in West Bengal, India) for donation which will enable us to further our fight against social injustice and make aware the people of their Legal Rights.

We would greatly appreciate your concern and co-operation.

Thanking You All

Note : All your donations and contributions will help in our mission.

To Donate in India

You may donate from anywhere in India by Electronic Fund Transfer [EFT] to our saveing account in AXIS Bank.

Account Name : Poor Man's Legal Aid from Susanta Basu Law Centre.

Account No : 161010100125598

Bank Name : AXIS BANK, Branch : 2/1/4, DEB LANE, KOLKATA 700014, WEST BENGAL, INDIA.

Branch MICR Code : 700211014. IFS Code : UTIB0000161, Account Type : Savings Account