Poor Man’s Legal Aid

Legal Problem Solving


F.H - 19, Swamiji Pally,
Jyangra South Field,
Baguihati, Kolkata - 700059,
West Bengal, Country - India.
Contact No: 09674643315.

About Us

The first Executive Committee of Poor Man’s Legal Aid from Susanta Basu Law Centre was formed in August 1993 and was registered under the Registration of Societies West Bengal Act XXVI of 1961 on first September 1993. And from that day our society emerged as an N.G.O to work for the poor in particular and the people in general for protection of their legal rights.

We started with arranging Legal Advisory sessions and in the year 2004 collaborated with the "Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences" in organising such sessions. Till date we have already handled over 450 cases relating to legal matters.

It was in the year 2005 that we got associated with another N.G.O. named "Society for Equitable Voluntary Actions" (SEVA) and started working in the remote parts of West Bengal and in interior villages organising legal awareness camps among the peasants, unorganised laborers and other sections of the downtrodden. Organising legal awareness classes among school students in those areas as well.

Such awareness classes are also organised among students in the city of Calcutta. The overall legal awareness camps and legal awareness classes total to 35 in number till date.

Recently we are also publishing a monthly Bengali journal named "Ainee Samashar Samdhan" and already have a large circulation Our organisation is composed of several practicing advocates ,law experts and dedicated persons from various walks of life all striving together for the betterment of our society.

Our future lies in adopting various programme for the benefit of the poor and in the the upliftment of our society.

The object of the trust is to help "POOR MANS LEGAL AID FROM SUSANTA BASU LAW CENTRE" in India.

Please visit our website www.poormanslegalaid.org

Our plans are as follows :-

To arrange and provide in arranging exhibitions, debates, seminars. Participate in the process of legal reform, training courses or to manage law schools, publish or cause to be published useful books on legal matters etc.

We are also concerned of child rights.We try to make them and their parents aware of their rights through meetings,camping and publication of legal paper so that they do not suffer from discrimination, poverty and hunger and lack of access to healthcare and education regardless of race, religion or bacground.

Under the commission for protection of Child Rights Act 2005, the National Commission for Protection of Child Right's mandate is to ensure that all laws, policies, programmes and administrative machanisms are in consonance with child rights perespective as enshrined in the Constitution of India and also UN convention on the Rights of the Child. We try to make sure that the children have a fulfilling and enriching childhood, guaranteed to them as citizens of India.

We understand that law is the essence of the civilized society and we endeavor to reach the people for their betterment through a continuous process to make them more and more aware of their Legal Rights.