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F.H - 19, Swamiji Pally,
Jyangra South Field,
Baguihati, Kolkata - 700059,
West Bengal, Country - India.
Contact No: 09674643315.

For the attention of all Advocates.

This is our Silver Jubilee year. This year we as an organization are taking up several projects which we intend to pursue the year and beyond. One such is to build up a list of young, experienced and talented lawyers dedicated to social welfare and wish to work for the benefit of the poorer section of the people.

Firstly we would like such committed young entrepreneur from courts in Calcutta, North and South 24 Parganas and Howrah Districts and secondly at the same time, request from any other courts in India shall also be entertained.

This list shall add up to the panel of lawyers who shall assist Our Help Seekers to fight their cases at court and for concessional consideration.

Such interested persons are requested to contact Mr. Bimal Kr. Basu (Advocate) at 91 9831093262/91 8777359142 or mail us shyamalkumardas7@gmail.com

To know more about us you can log at poormanslegalaid.org We would at the same time request the receiver of this mail/members/associates/friends to share this with as many as you can. It is required.

What We Do

The objects for which the law centre is being established are :-

1. To advance education and to relive need of the general public by means of providing facilities for free legal advice/ suggestions and assistance to those persons who are poor and disadvantaged.

2. To raise funds, invite and receive contributions from any persons whatsoever by way of subscriptions, gifts, loans, grants, donations fees for "poor man’s legal aid" for the purpose of the law centre.

3. To purchase, lease or otherwise acquire any property and the rights and privileges necessary for the attainment of the aims and objects and to construct any buildings for the purpose of the law centre.

4. To co-operates and collaborates with voluntary bodies and authorities operating in the similar nature o charitable fields and exchange information and advice.

5. To fights against social injustice, inhuman, illegal and anti-social activities.

6. To do all such acts, deeds, matters and things as may be deemed incidental or conducive for the attainment of the main aims.

7. To make regulations for the management of any property which may be acquired for the purpose of the centre?

8. To arrange and provide for or join in arranging and providing for holding of exhibitions, meeting, lectures, discussions or seminars or participate in the process of legal reform, training courses or manage law schools or colleges, libraries or arranging small claims' courts, courts or moot courts for the benefit of the public and poor class.

9. To appoint learned Advocate / Advocates, Legal Practitioner / Practitioners / Agents / Muhury / Law Clerk to solve the problems of the poor class.

10. To publish or cause to be published useful books, magazines, law journals towards raising any funds for the purpose of the law centre.

11. To establish a law institution to provide legal education for the benefit of the public and profits received from the institution should be invested to the aforesaid funds.

12. To protect the interest of the members, poor and disabled people.